Police ordered the removal of a street plant that they claim was a centre point for anti social behaviour.

The large plant pot was removed from Wealdstone High Street last week following action by Wealdstone Proactive Team working with Harrow Borough Council.

Police say it was a magnet for youths in the area would gather round the object and in the past officers have found drugs and weapons were being hidden in and around the planter.

Sergeant Tony McGovern from the Wealdstone team said: "Getting the support of a local business has enabled us to remove the planter and remove a focus point for the groups, which can cause problems in the high street.

"It is hoped this will be the start of work which together with the council will see Peel Road improve and feel safer for the people who regularly use it."

Leader of the council Susan Hall said: "This is a good example of the council and police working with the business community to take back the streets and deny wrongdoers a venue for their activities.

"Wealdstone has suffered for too long from gangs loitering on corners. They can be intimidating to other people, and when they drift into criminality it becomes more serious yet.

"Removing this planter makes the streets less hospitable to those intent on committing crime."