Complaints from the public about the state of the borough's shopping streets have fallen, according to council figures.

Harrow Borough Council says the main shopping centres around the area are now 98 per cent litter free after a decision last year to spend more on street cleaning.

In the three month period to December last year complaints to the council have dropped from 217 to 160, a fall of 27 per cent.

Council ‘blitz’ teams have also been out in other areas of the borough targeting specific streets and areas away from shopping districts.

The authority's leader, Councillor Susan Hall, announced the new investment in cleaning the streets of the borough in October last year soon after she came to power.

She said: “The real experts in how clean Harrow looks are the people who live here, and I am pleased that our renewed focus on a cleaner and safer Harrow is having an effect.

“However there is absolutely no room for complacency and we must and we will do better.

“We took a deliberate decision to clear the shopping areas first and use the blitz team to tackle the worst spots elsewhere, and are extremely optimistic that the success we've had in the shopping areas will soon be reflected as we turn our attention to the remaining parts of the borough.”