Housing developments across the borough are helping young people secure jobs for the future with vital work experience.

Otis Mitchell is one who has found a six month paid placement as a labourer through a scheme backed by Harrow Borough Council.

The 21-year-old said: “I worked as a labourer before but have no qualifications, so for someone like me getting this type of work on my own would be hard.

“Now I have the chance to go on courses and get qualifications as well as more experience.

He has been working for builder Mulalley, which was chosen by Harrow Council to carry out improvement work on 164 council properties installing new kitchens and bathrooms.

Cabinet member for housing Barry Macleod-Cullinane said: "I’m absolutely delighted for Otis; this is a great opportunity and one that I’m very keen to see replicated as part of our fairer agenda to improve the employment and earning prospects of more of our young people.

“Wherever possible, we’ll be using our housing contracts to help create paid work placement opportunities, thereby assisting other younger residents to follow Otis in building new careers.”