Harrow Borough Council has joined a London-wide scheme to cut energy prices for residents by up to £200.

As part of The Big Energy Switch, local authorities intend to use collective buying power to force energy prices down.

In mid April, councils in London will organise an ‘energy auction’ inviting energy suppliers to offer their cheapest tariffs to everyone who has registered.

Whichever supplier offers the cheapest tariff will be able to offer residents a new contract.

Those taking part will then receive a personal offer showing how much money they could save and can choose whether to accept it.

Anyone who pays a household energy bill can take part, including tenants and customers on pre-payment meters.

Savings will depend on their current tariff, payment method and the winning bid.

The scheme is open to everyone but the council will focus on those at risk of falling into fuel poverty.

It says the more people who register for the scheme the better the deal that can be negotiated for residents.