A single father from Brent has set up a new group to help men in similar positions cope with the demands of parenting and work.

Lee Emmanuel, 26, is a father of three and raises one child whilst studying health and social care at the College of North West London in order to become a social worker.

Mr Emmanuel feels there is not enough help for single dads in the area and decided to set up a single dads society.

Although it is not yet a registered charity the group is looking for sponsors and donors.

Mr Emmanuel said: “I put together a project for dads, budgeted by the local council.

“The aim of the project is to provide activities and workshops to engage fathers and children to work together; through this teamwork, they should be able to create their own networks of support.

“It will also help single dads to make new friends.”

The Single Dads Society is hosting its launch day on Saturday 23 February in Cricklewood.

The event will begin at 3.30pm to 6.30pm at 2 Syned Road, off Anson Rd.