A charity which almost shut down last year because of financial trouble is back and would like people from professional backgrounds to help it reach new heights.

Harrow Gateway, founded in 1999, provides leisure services for people with learning disabilities and encourages them to socialise and interact with their peers.

Last year, the organisation faced financial ruin after a £7,000 electricity bill appeared without warning.

The charity managed to pay its debt and is now on the comeback trail.

Steve Fifer, 30, chairman of Harrow Gateway since 2011, first got involved because his sister has learning disabilities and said that he could do with some help.

He said: “I’m a press officer by trade and have no real business wisdom.

“We are still here and financially we are OK but the main problem at the moment is that we need professional people to volunteer to help run the charity.”

The charity has no council funding or government grants and only just manages to break even.

Mr Fifer added: “We could always do with more money.

“We want retired solicitors, marketing executives, fundraisers and accountants to join our executive committee and lend their skills to take the charity to the next level.

“Their help would mean that we are not just floating on the wave and can leave a legacy for people with disabilities.”

Harrow Gateway has a centre in North Harrow car park, off Cambridge Road, and runs club nights on Monday and Thursdays.

It also runs Happi Feet, a monthly disco and Upside Downs, a support group for families with young children with Down's Syndrome.

For more information or to get in touch visit www.harrowgateway.co.uk, email Steve Fifer at stevefifer@hotmail.com or call 07815 853529.