Pupils from Kingsbury High School have taken leading roles in a campaign to secure a basic education for children around the world.

The Bacon Lane school has been supporting the Send My Friend to School campaign, which aims to remind world leaders of the promise they made to send all children to primary school by 2015, for the past seven years.

But this year's campaign film is set at the school and features Year 8 pupils as cast members.

The theme of this year's campaign is Every Child Needs a Teacher and highlights the global shortage of teachers. It is estimated that 1.7 million more are needed to get every child in the world into school.

The film was shot in November and will be available to view from February.

It shows the journey of a young boy, Adam, who thinks about all the different careers he could have when he grows up as he walks to school in London.

But when he arrives at school he discovers that there are no teachers to teach him and that without teachers a school is just a building.

Hibah Katta, 13, who features in the film, said: “It felt amazing being part of the film production.

“I got to see what happens behind the scenes and all the hard work being put into a short film for such an important campaign.

“I believe that Send My Friend to School is a very beneficial and eye-opening campaign for everyone, especially students.

“It was such an honour to be chosen to play one of the characters.

“As well as being filmed and speaking with an actual director, I was also thinking about those children who are less fortunate than me and my school.

“I really hope that by seeing this film, people will begin to help with the campaign.”

Karen Garvin, from the Send My Friend to School campaign, said: “It was great to have students from Kingsbury High School in the cast.

“Although it was a long day with lots of rehearsals and numerous takes, students stayed focused, listened carefully to the film director and really helped to make the filming go smoothly.

“I think being so closely involved made them think about what their lives would really be like if they had no teachers, and no chance to learn!”

The film will be shown to around 6,000 schools across the UK who sign up for this year’s Send My Friend to School campaign. 

The campaign is run by The Global Campaign for Education, an international organisation which fights for quality education for all children.