The leader of Harrow Borough Council is backing a campaign to encourage more young people to take an interest in politics.

Councillor Thaya Idaikkadar met with Matteo Bergamini, director of student newspaper Shout Out UK and founder of the #Pol4Schools campaign, after the young entrepreneur wrote to him.

The campaign calls for government and politics to be introduced to the National Curriculum so that every child learns how the Government works, how new laws are made and how to become involved in British politics.

Cllr Idaikkadar gave Mr Bergamini, a Brunel University student, an insight into the structure of Harrow Borough Council and tips on how to get involved in local politics.

He also told him about the council’s efforts to engage more with young people, including the support for Harrow Youth Parliament, which represents the views of youngsters from the borough on a national platform.

Cllr Idaikkadar said: “It is hugely important that we look after our young people and encourage them to have their say.

“Harrow Council supports anything that gives young people a stronger voice in the community.

“For example, we recently supported Harrow Youth Parliament when they held a very successful Youth Summit, which brought together young people from across the borough to discuss how they could engage more with the council.

“It was very interesting to meet Matteo and hear his passion for this topic. Hopefully we can continue to work together and support him to achieve his campaign goal.”

Mr Bergamini said Cllr Idaikkadar’s support and enthusiasm for the campaign was “amazing”.

He added: “Politics is part of everyone’s life. Saying ‘I don’t find it interesting’ won’t make you immune to the government’s laws.

“Politics is not football. Whether you’re interested or not, it doesn’t matter, you should know how your country is run, your rights and how you could change what you don’t like.”

Mr Bergamini now plans to write to all Harrow councillors to ask them to support his campaign.

A joint letter, signed by Mr Bergamini and Cllr Idaikkadar, will also be sent to all of the borough’s schools.