A WEMBLEY accountant who tried to blind lawyers with acid powerful enough to melt a brick has been jailed indefinitely.

Ashok Mahajan, of Pempath Place, coated an opposition barrister, pupil barrister and solicitor with the substance before calling them “Nazis” after losing a case at the High Court in October last year.

The 54-year-old was fighting a legal battle with a law firm that represented him during an employment tribunal hearing, which he lost, against his former employers Kingston Primary Care Trust (PCT).

Anticipating the judge would rule against him, he smuggled the dangerous substance into court using a medicine bottle and struck after hearing the verdict.

During his trial, pupil barrister Lucy Colter described how the substance melted the tights of both her and solicitor Clare White.

She said: “Liquid started coming through the air and it splashed and it rained down around me. I was aware that it came down on Clare. I looked back and Mr Mahajan was throwing liquid.”

Mr Mahajan was yesterday handed an indeterminate sentence of at least five years by a judge at Southwark Crown Court and will not be released until he is no longer considered a threat to the public.

He allegedly confessed afterwards, saying “I intended to burn and blind them. They have burned me for 20 years. They are the true Nazis.”

The court heard how he told police officers: “I wish somebody would blow their brains out.”

But during the trial Mr Mahajan protested his innocence, claiming he was the victim of a national conspiracy targeting anyone who fights the system.

He told jurors the plot involved investigating officers planting evidence and also accused the High Court judge, the court clerk, court security and even doctors who provided accounts of injuries suffered by the victims.

The former Belmont Lions Club treasurer said: “This case is a perfect example of how the system frames people and how they murder people.

“We all believe that we are living in a democratic society but do we? We are all controlled by a bunch of politicians, judges, lawyers and bureaucrats.”

He was convicted of attempted grievous bodily harm (GBH) with intent on July 11.