Windows is the theme of a free exhibition to be held by a Harrow photography group on January 15.

The display of work by La Société De La Petite Voix will take place at the Irish House, Fryent Way, Kingsbury, from 7.30pm.

It will feature work by photographers Alessandro and Franciane Gaioto, David Carter, Ashley Martin, Ewa Lachowicz, Holly Jeffrey, Tully Chaudry and Yarek Baranik.

La Société De La Petite Voix formed more than two years ago as a collective out of a mutual desire to exhibit their work, provide affordable art and to help fund future studies.

Photographer Holly Jeffrey said: "For each exhibition we choose a theme to base our work on - in this case, windows.

“Those who have been to see our previous exhibitions always comment on how differently we interpret the theme.

“I think that's one of the strengths of being a collective, as people get to see a such wide range of work in one exhibition."