A man has been found guilty of attempted murder following a lengthy and violent attack on four Harrow police officers.

Christopher Haughton, of Milford Gardens, Harrow, was found guilty at the Old Bailey today.

He was also convicted of several counts of assault following two incidents during which officers were stabbed, bitten and spat at.

On the evening of October 9, 2011, Haughton was in his bedsit in Hopton Road, Streatham, playing loud music.

At 6.30pm a neighbour asked him to turn it down and, in response, he pushed the neighbour down the stairs.

Later that evening, he visited the neighbours flat armed with a wooden stick and told him he had been disrespected.

Police were called and two officers arrived at 8pm.

They went to Haughton’s flat and identified themselves but he swore at them and told them to leave.

The officers kicked the door open and were met by Haughton brandishing a broom handle at them.

He rushed at the officers, knocking one backwards and causing him to fall down the stairs.

The officers used CS spray to force Haughton to drop the weapon, so he punched them instead.

He also bit PC Vicky Vincent on her leg, drawing blood and ripping her trousers.

Haughton then proceeded to spit at the officers while still punching and biting them.

His spit hit PC Alison Spruce in the face and eyes.

Eventually, he was restrained and taken to Brixton Police Station where he was charged.

He appeared at court but was bailed to live at his brother’s house in Milford Gardens, Harrow.

Then, on Saturday, November 19, 2011, police were called to Kenton Road, Harrow, at 8.40am.

A member of the public reported seeing Haughton shouting and agitated.

When officers arrived he attacked them.

He bit PC Stephen Barker on the arm before gathering masonry and other missiles which he threw at officers.

He then entered Kingsbury Road Halal Butchers and grabbed a ten-inch knife.

He used this to attack the officers, injuring four of them.

He stabbed PC Harding causing an eight inch stab wound to his abdomen, perforating his bowel.

PC Ali Hinchliff then tried to help PC Harding and was slashed across the side of his face, penetrating his mouth.

He was also stabbed repeatedly in the arm.

PC Andy Robb was stabbed twice in the leg and Haughton attempted to stab PC Sham Hague in the neck but was stopped by PC Barker.

Finally, uninjured officers managed to handcuff Haughton and take him to Uxbridge Police Station.

Constables Harding, Hinchliff and Robb all required immediate surgery.

All of the officers eventually returned to work but it has only been in the last few weeks that PC Harding has been able to return to full duties.

Investigating officer Detective Inspector Keely Smith, of the Homicide and Serious Crime Command, said: "Haughton is a very dangerous and violent man and I am pleased that the overwhelming evidence we were able to present at court has resulted in these convictions today.

"The police officers held onto him and arrested him despite coming under a sustained knife attack.

“Without the intervention of other officers at the scene who were able to eventually restrain Haughton, the outcome could have been very different."

Chief Superintendent Dal Babu, Harrow Borough Commander, said: "All the officers involved in the incident put their lives on the line to protect the public and ensure that this dangerous man did not escape.

"I pay tribute to their courage and determination in keeping the people of Harrow safe."

Haughton was found guilty of three counts of ABH, one count of GBH, one count of attempted GBH, one of common assault and two counts of attempted murder.

He will be sentenced on Thursday December 13.