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Nick Clegg's Tory pact was 'absolutely right', says Brent Lib Dem

NICK Clegg was right to form a coalition with David Cameron's Conservative Party, according to the leader of Brent Lib Dems.

Councillor Paul Lorber praised his party leader's decision to accept the new Prime Minister's offer, saying Mr Clegg had “absolutely done the right thing”.

He said: “It's good stuff. After 70 odd years we are back in government. At the end of the day we are all in politics for a reason and that's to have some influence over the decision making process.

“You cannot ignore a party that did receive 24 per cent of the vote in a national election, over 6m votes. It's only right that we are given the opportunity to play our full part in the governance of this country.”

He rejected suggestions the alliance would leave the party's core voters feeling the leadership had sold out.

He also told the Harrow Times he did not believe proportional representation (PR) was on trial, saying if the deal collapsed it would not leave electoral reform less likely.

He said: “It's time for grown up politics. This sort of confrontational stuff, this ya-boo politics and tribalism isn't necessary.”

Councillor Chris Noyce, the sole remaining Lib Dem representative on Harrow Council, said he was glad his party opted out of a coalition with Labour.

He said: “It wouldn't have looked good to have propped up Gordon Brown after he was comprehensively tonked in the election. Whatever they have offered, at the end of the day, they could have done it during the last 13 years.

“Only time will tell how the coalition works, it's strange because we have not really experienced it before. It could have fallen apart by Christmas or it could go the distance.”

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