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Lib Dem-Tory coalition an 'excellent solution' says Tory MP

THE new Conservative MP for Harrow has heralded the “historic agreement” between his party and Liberal Democrats in forming the next government.

Bob Blackman, who was elected as MP for Harrow East on Thursday, was speaking after a meeting of Conservative members when the full details of the coalition government were discussed.

Mr Blackman said: “I think it's an excellent solution with suitable compromises between both parties for the benefit of the country and indeed for the people in Harrow.

“It's an absolutely historic agreement, and one which will stand the five-year term and be beneficial for all concerned.”

Gordon Brown this evening stood down as Prime Minster, paving the way for a Conservative government in coalition with Nick Clegg's Liberal Democrats.

Mr Blackman, who beat Labour Tony McNulty in Harrow to be one of the new crop of Tory MPs, said the coalition would guarantee jobs for local people and improve the economy, with the “lion's share” of the Conservative manifesto mixed with parts of Lib Dem policy.

He added of the Lib Dem manifesto: “Many points I would agree with. It includes taking poorer people out of taxation altogether such as the elderly and the low paid, which I think is all good news.”

New Prime Minister David Cameron will over the next few days piece together his new cabinet and government before outlining the next year's Parliamentary agenda.

Your Say YourHarrow

Richard_at_Harrow says...
12:47pm Wed 12 May 10

It's a result ! Good luck Cameron & Clegg - time to repair the damage done by labour.

grahamhoward says...
10:42pm Sun 16 May 10

The media seems to be looking for problems. I wish the coalition every success. If we can build on consensus it has got to be good for the country. Also, far better to share the 'poisoned challise' than to take the 'rap', and never to be elected for another 13 years.

Your sayYour Harrow

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