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Labour MP pleased with Tory-Lib Dem coalition

A LABOUR MP says he is pleased the Tories and Lib Dems have formed a coalition, saying they “deserve each other”.

Barry Gardiner's comments, posted to his page on social networking website Twitter, followed Gordon Brown's resignation as Prime Minister and his replacement by David Cameron.

Mr Gardiner, an outspoken opponent of the Lib Dems, wrote: “So pleased Tories cuddling up to Libs. They deserve each other.

“Labour must re-invigorate the centre left of British politics on our own.”

He added: “The Liberal Democrats are now bound in to every decision of the Conservative government. In four years time it'll be 'Vote Liberal get Tory'.”

Mr Gardiner has voiced opposition to Gordon Brown in the past and told the Harrow Times, after his re-election in Brent North, that Labour needed to reflect on the election result.

But he said the party has won the argument on third way politics, saying a consensus existed on issues like the NHS.

He the issue of quality of services provided to residents was more important than the way they are provided.

He said: “The success of the third way is that we now have this consensus in British politics. This is big politics stuff.

“This is so important and the electorate understand this in a way that so many politicians don't.”

Your Say YourHarrow

Richard_at_Harrow says...
12:42pm Wed 12 May 10

4 out 5 voters voted AGAINST labour or abstained. You lost. Take it on the chin.

DimSum says...
12:29pm Sat 15 May 10

“deserve each other”. Sour grapes or what !! You blew it !!

Your sayYour Harrow

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