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Tributes to 'big beast' Gordon Brown as he quits as PM

LABOUR politicians have paid tribute to Gordon Brown for his “astonishingly dignified” exit as Prime Minister.

The Labour leader quit Downing Street just after 7pm this evening, paving the way for a Conservative government in coalition with the Liberal Democrats.

Gareth Thomas, MP for Harrow West, said: “It was a privilege to serve under him, and I think there is great sadness tonight.

“He was a huge, big beast in terms of what he has done for this country. There is no question he is the reason why Britain's economy is coming out of recession.”

Mr Brown, speaking outside Downing Street for the last time, said it had been “a privilege to serve” as Prime Minister, and wished David Cameron well as the Tory leader prepares to move into Number Ten.

Tony McNulty, former Labour MP for Harrow East who was defeated at last week's General Election, said following the announcement: “An astonishingly dignified exit from a man who has served the country well as Chancellor and as Prime Minister.

“Gordon Brown has been a true leader and servant to the Labour Party and the country.

“He will be missed.”

Mr McNulty, who served in Mr Brown's government, added his own good wishes for the new government “for the sake of our collective future”, but added: “I know that the Labour Opposition will quickly hold this fragile coalition to task in a robust fashion.”

Mr Thomas said he believes Liberal Democrats, such as Harrow councillor Chris Noyce, would be “horrified” at the coalition being formed this evening, saying the Conservative Party under Mr Cameron is moving to the right of the political spectrum.

But he added he believes now is a time for the Labour Party to take stock and “learn some lessons” from the election defeat.

Your Say YourHarrow

SeaBee says...
9:21pm Tue 11 May 10

It would be so easy to mark Mr. Brown's passing with sarcasm and insults. Instead just be glad that he has gone and that the failed New Labour experiment is finished, oh, and that McNulty is on the dole.

Richard_at_Harrow says...
12:44pm Wed 12 May 10

There is a God - thank you - thank you. But why inflict this man on us for 13 years? We are sinners.

Wayward Son says...
2:45pm Sat 15 May 10

A radical Imam told me that Gordon Brown was sent as punishisment by god for our sinful decadent behaviour.

Your sayYour Harrow

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