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Labour celebrates 'phenomenal day' in Brent elections

LABOUR were celebrating a “phenomenal day” of landslide victories in Brent last night.

The party swept through ward after ward in the council elections turning historic Tory strong holds red and claiming big name scalps from both the Conservative and Lib Dem camps.

Labour almost doubled their share of seats, finishing the day with 40 councillors compared to 17 Lib Dems and just six Tories.

Councillor Ann John, leader of the Labour Group, said: “It has been a phenomenal day. We knew we were going to get seats but we never expected to take some of these Tory strongholds.

“With the Lib Dems as well they've been so sure of themselves and there ability to continue over the last four years.

“They never thought they'd lose a seat and they've lost considerably tonight. I'm so proud of all our people.”

The win came after Labour's Barry Gardiner bucked the national trend and increased his majority in Brent North to 8,000 votes.

The party lost Dawn Butler to Lib Dem Sarah Teather in Brent Central but the defeat was not enough to dampen spirits.

Mr Gardiner said of the council result: “This is what I've been looking for. The parliamentary seat I've been thrilled by but it's not just personal.

“It's about what we can do for the borough as a party and where we can transform people's lives at a very basic local level.”

Labour now have to form a new executive committee to run Brent Council and Cllr John will be speaking to senior figures over the coming days.

There is an AGM planned for next Saturday when she will gather all the party's new councillors together to discuss plans for the next four years.

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