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Lib Dem/Labour coalition prospect 'rejected' by victorious MP

LABOUR'S Barry Gardiner warned against a national coalition with the “deeply distrustful” Lib Dems in his victory speech yesterday.

Mr Gardiner bucked the trend after boosting his majority from 5,600 to a sizeable 8,000 in Brent North in the face of what he believes was a dishonest campaign by local Liberals.

He is an outspoken critic of Gordon Brown and told the Harrow Times his faith in the electorate increased following the national result, in which Labour ceded 91 seats.

He told campaigners gathered at the count: “We must be truthful in the Labour Party, this has not been an endorsement of this administration.”

He said he rejected any notion the party should look to form a government with the Lib Dems, saying the party “is facing one way on one doorstep and another way on another.”

He told the Harrow Times: “I've seen the Lib Dems in operation for many years in Cambridge when I was in the council there.

“I find them deeply distrustful and if you look at the way they run most of their campaigns it's not honourable.”

Nick Clegg held talks with David Cameron last night about the possibility of a power sharing deal but appeared to dismiss offers from Gordon Brown.

Your Say YourHarrow

pricklypilgrim says...
5:38pm Sun 9 May 10

Excellent conclusion from Barry Gardiner : the Libdems are not to be trusted. Once we had an honourable Liberal Party... that took up with the 'Soc Dems' and were thus polluted. Now we face the prospect of ConDemned government, and the Labour party shouldn't touch either with a barge pole. Clean up, let the wounds heal, and return cleaner, stronger and healthier.

Your sayYour Harrow

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