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Labour's storming local victory was 'on the cards', says senior politician

A SENIOR Labour politician said it was no surprise the party swept through Harrow and Brent as campaigners celebrated last night.

Despite the bleak picture for the party's national leadership there were beaming smiles on Labour faces locally following emphatic victories in the two boroughs last night.

A Conservative Party wipeout in Brent saw nine seats go red, leaving just six blue, and the Lib Dems haemorrhaged a further ten, including education big wig Bob Wharton.

Labour now have 40 councillors in the borough with wards that have been Tory for decades returning all Labour candidates.

Harrow Council also fell to Labour with the Tories losing seats in historically blue wards, including Harrow-on-the-Hill, and the party has a majority of 34 seats to 27.

Navin Shah, London Assembly member for Brent and Harrow, joined in the celebrations at Brent Town Hall last night.

He said: “This isn't a surprise. It was on the cards, it's just the scale of it. I would have been called an idiot if I'd said that Labour would win but people have seen the arrogance and the cuts.

“That's what has terrified people, and this big society pact, which David Cameron drew up – people saw through it. This isn't what we want.

“That's why they've got a Labour council in Harrow and a Labour council in Brent.”

There was shock in the Lib Dem camp at the scale of their losses, which many attribute to the focus on the Brent Central parliamentary vote, where two incumbent MPs went up against each other.

The party's local campaign concentrated heavily on that battle, between Sarah Teather and Labour's Dawn Butler, leaving its local campaign across the borough weak.

Ms Teather won the contest but, while some inside the party said the sacrifice was worth it, others were looking back at the gamble with regret last night.

Your Say YourHarrow

Richard_at_Harrow says...
6:43pm Sat 8 May 10

The beaming Navin should note that whilst in London the swing to the Conservatives was 2.5% - in Harrow West it was 5.6% and in Harrow East it was 7%. We'll knock that smile off labour real soon. Just as soon as they mess up the council - as surely as day follows night. The incompetents are back in.

Richard_at_Harrow says...
4:09pm Sun 9 May 10

Ealing council has also gone labour - a council that won the award for highest achieving council (Harrow was runner up) and which has also frozen its tax rise. These results do not reflect local issues - they are the result of labour scares to do with national politics and in particular and dare I say it - the benefits issue.

Richard_at_Harrow says...
4:23pm Sun 9 May 10

Funny how Navin always seems to have known the outcome AFTER the event. Tell you what - on the record - you're going to lose the council in 2014 - its on the cards.

Jeremy Zeid says...
3:03am Mon 10 May 10

No it wasn't Navin, I saw Bill Stephenson's face, it was TOTAL SHOCK. The trouble with you Navin, as with your disgusting RACIST campaign, is that you are a congenital LIAR, you cannot tell, the truth. You like Gordon Brown are incapable of admitting an error. The LIES you told on your leaflets can actually be disporoved and STILL you told them. And yet AGAIN you resorted to a RACIST campaign. Not only that but one of your Kenton West team is a REAL bigot and a REAL RACIST. Anyone who describes Vina Yogesh and I as "Two Tories and a Jew" in front of the counters and my children is the SCUM OF THE EARTH but seemingly par for the course for the corrupt, tired and RACIST "New" Fascist Labour party.

Jeremy Zeid says...
3:31am Mon 10 May 10

That last week's elections produced a few surprises is an understatement, the best part being the election of Bob Blackman as Conservative MP for Harrow-East. Well done Bob, a professional, happy and positive campaign, you will serve Harrow well. The Council returning to the "control" of the same old Labour failures who all but bankrupted it last time around, was a shock. That this outcome was "expected" by Navin Shah is wholly untrue however he spins it, Bill Stephenson's face on the night said it all. The increased turnout due to both elections being held on the same day did it, or that would have been it if not for certain disturbing factors which should be shared with readers. These elections were tainted by a Labour campaign of scares, downright lies and the dirty, filthy politics of racial division. Here in Kenton West, Labour's leaflets told of "threats" to Kenton Library of which there were none. That the Conservatives had "failed" to restore the No Right Turn into Kenton Lane (that was put in by Brent and waved through by LABOUR). That Labour had supported the Hindu School - A LIE, they ABSTAINED as Navin Shah did not want that particular group to run it. That we had CUT street cleaning and repairs despite the evidence of our own eyes and the brand new fleet of vehicles - Shameful. Oh and the real beaut, a £44million "black-hole" in the budget, another bare-faced, copper-bottomed, gold plated lie, the auditors would have never passed the budget. The latter is setting us up as the fall-guys for their inevitable budgetary incompetence. That was bad enough, but the most reprehensible factor was that Labour once again trawled the databases and sent out literature ONLY to Asian sounding names, EXCLUDING everyone else. What was that about "inclusivity" Navin? Had the BNP sent out literature to "white" sounding names they would have been accused of RACISM and yet Cllr Shah, who preaches "tolerance" and is the first to scream "racism" has done this with Asian names time and again, I see no difference. Racially targeted literature by the BNP or Labour is RACISM, full stop. Labour as defined by Navin Shah is a racist party. But the worst, and I mean THE WORST, the most offensive, revolting and disgusting incident occurred during the count, when my son and daughter witnessed one of Labour's Kenton West candidates refer to my Kenton colleagues Vina Mithani, Yogesh Teli and I as "Two Tories and a Jew", and for that I will NEVER forgive them. And now, on a litany of lies, scares, division and race, we again have a Labour Council that I predict will take Harrow back to square one, blow the balances, hike taxes, bloat the bureaucracy, threaten frontline jobs and blame the nasty old Tories again. To those who put this letter down to me being bitter and twisted, that is not true. I was voted out, that is democracy. I can always stand again and will continue in my voluntary activities for the community. My sorrow is for all of the good work that will be spitefully undone because it is not "their idea" the consequences being blamed on others while residents suffer. I am truly sorry that this should happen to Harrow again. Finally, I'd like to thank sincerely all of those for their kind and warm wishes to me and who have supported us, in the meantime we Conservatives will call Labour to account for what I fear is the inevitable, and undoubtedly have to clear up their mess once again. S whole you "good Socialists" rejoice, it won't last long and no amount of carping and blaming others will hide Labour's penchant for incompetance with the strings pulled and the race-card played shamelessley by Navin Shah.

reginaldnonono says...
11:01am Mon 10 May 10

Glad to see that you are taking your defeat with such dignity Mr Zeid. Some people would, I don't know, carp and moan, and say it wasn't fair, rather than face up to their own shortcomings. And to be called a 'Tory' in front of your kids, that was below the belt. I would never forgive that man either. Respect, Reginaldnonono

Yogesh says...
4:59pm Mon 10 May 10

Of course Navin knew they were going to win. How?. Simple, have people standing outside the polling stations and tell all lies, have candidates who are not residents of the borough of Harrow, force voters to go and vote at the last minute without polling cards. (in some cases Trust, Honesty and Integrity should be questioned). At the door step and with various communities tell more lies such as, Conservatives will cause problem for all the immigrants because of the 'CAP' on the number of immigrants entering the country. At least Labour party will now have 4 more years to increase numbers so that it will help them with the future elections. That it how it is done!! Very simple

reginaldnonono says...
5:42pm Mon 10 May 10

Greetings Yogesh. I am delighted to see that you also have taken defeat with a similar level of dignity to Mr Zeid. I have been hearing of the electorate's disgraceful decision to exercise their democratic rights to such an extent that your rightful places in power have been taken from you. I had thought that perhaps they did this of their own volition, which I could barely believe, but it seems you have uncovered what can only be described as a local military coup, as what Labour did was "force voters to go and vote at the last minute without polling cards" Tell us more I beg you! Did they use guns? Take hostages? Were there any witnesses to this election outrage? Perhaps we can get the result overturned, surely?! No polling cards? That is illegal isn't it? As is voting at the last minute. Those Labour boys are cheats and rogues for sure. Yogesh, have you gone to the police with your allegations? Love, Reginaldnonono

DossiersRUs says...
6:41pm Mon 10 May 10

Who can you mean Yogesh? Surely not Cllr Mark Versaillion, erstwhile member for Harrow on the Hill who was deselected this year, partly because he was never seen in the area, then suddenly parachuted into one of the safest Conservative seats in the borough, conveniently left vacant by Marilyn Ashton, so that she could spend more time at the theatre? Cllr Versaillion has lived more than 40 miles outside of the borough for more than 5 years - but that doesn't seem to worry the Tories

Nstazi says...
11:00am Tue 11 May 10

I thought MV was a hologram?

Yogesh says...
4:08pm Wed 12 May 10

Mr Zeid, you mentioned about the information on Labour leaflet which states the closure of Library, it could be true, as it must be Labour’s ASPIRATION to do so, but being election period they had to put a lot of spin and blame others as usual. If they to close the library, they will blame the previous administration, because they have already warned the residents about possibility of closing the library via their election leaflet. As regards to the No Right Turn, they had to put it on the leaflet as it is their aspiration NOT to restore it back. How can then restore it back, it will be seen as a ‘U-TURN’ by Labour, something they do not like doing. Previous Labour administration in Harrow and Brent implemented the ‘No Right Turn’. We now have Labour administration in Harrow and Brent, let people of Harrow challenge the Labour party to see if they are going to restore the right turn. Wonder how long we will have to wait!!!!!

Yogesh says...
11:55am Thu 13 May 10

The headline in the Sunday National Newspaper on the front page was “Ballot security ‘worse than Kenya’” and also stated that “Your system is a recipe for corruption; it was a massive shock when I saw you didn’t need any identification to vote” quoted Marie Marilyn Jalloh, an MP from Sierra Leone who was one of the team member of the official election monitoring team from the developing world. In Harrow, on top of this we also had the Navin Shah Politics as has been argued in the comments by Mr. Zeid. I suppose the words such as Truth, Honesty, Integrity and Righteousness do not exist in the Labour dictionary and therefore, are not sure of what they mean or how to apply them.

Your sayYour Harrow

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