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Name: Abhijit Pandya

Candidate for: Harrow East

Party: UK Independence Party

Votes: 896


Abhijit Pandya is a tutor of international law at the London School of Economics, and was born and raised in Edgware.

The 30-year-old University of Leicester graduate is the founder of the Birkenhead Society, an organisation which counts among its successes helping to overturn the British government ban on controversial Dutch MP Geert Wilders visiting the country.

He insists that, irrespective of someone's views, freedom of expression is a basic human right which should be defended.

Abhijit is a former deputy chairman of the Hackney Conservative Association, but defected to UKIP in 2009.

Abhijit, who has lived in Harrow for more than 15 years, laments the decline of jobs in industry, such as those at the Kodak plant, and has pledged if elected to help boost the fortunes of Harrow's business community.

About his policies, he says: “ I am standing to end further corruption and abuse of the expenses system.

“I am deeply concerned how the recession has effected our economy. I want to bring investment into Harrow and increase job opportunities.”

Abhijit lists his key policies as:

- Investment in Harrow

"It is vital to bring investment into Harrow and use its fantastic transport links.

"At a time when people are concerned about their jobs, I will endeavour to bring capital into the area to rejuvenate local business. It is important to protect small businesses in these difficult times, they will be a priority for me."

- Improve school results

"I am concerned by the lack of decent results in local schools. Whilst some children do well, a lot are left behind.

"I will free local schools from Government interference, and allow parents better choice over schools.

"We will encourage competition amongst school and young-people to improve school results."

- Reject EU controls

"I want Britain to stop paying the European Union £45m every day, and want to bring UK law back under the control of Westminster."