A HARROW politician has teamed up with the Harrow Times to start a petition to Parliament to tackle knife crime.

As part of our Don't Carry, Don't Kill campaign, we are backing Harrow East MP Bob Blackman’s call to extend new sentencing powers for a six-month mandatory jail sentence for those caught with a knife to under-18s.

Legislation is due to be presented to Parliament in October — when it returns after the summer recess — when our petition will also be delivered to MPs urging them to back our call.

Mr Blackman said: "I am very happy to be championing this cause.

“Having repeatedly raised this important issue in the House of Commons chamber I believe it is now imperative that we bring this campaign back to the streets of Harrow and the people that are affected by these crimes.

“I urge my constituents to sign the petition, tell their friends and family and help in the battle against knife crime."

Last month David Cameron backed calls to introduce the six-month jail sentence for people carrying knives after Mr Blackman put the question to him at Prime Minister's Questions.

Mr Blackman highlighted two stabbings that happened within a fortnight around the same place in Harrow Weald.

On Sunday, July 3, the High Road was closed off as the stabbing of a 16-year-old was investigated, who police believe received "puncture wounds" from a broken bottle.

Nine days earlier, on Friday, June 24, a 15-year-old was also stabbed during a fight with up to 15 teenagers in the same area.

Traders and residents have since described their worries for the safety of young people and the detrimental effect on their businesses.

Parliament will only accept petitions with hand-written signatures, so click here to download the petition, print it out, and send it to: Bob Blackman MP House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA.