A HARROW man has been banned from keeping a dog for two years after admitting possession of a dangerous dog.

Belal Tabibi, 20, was hauled before Brent magistrates on April 1 after cops raided a home in Grasmere Avenue, Wembley, and discovered a suspected pitbull-type dog.

Tabibi, of Draycott Avenue, Harrow, admitted possession of a dangerous dog and was handed a six-month suspended jail sentence on top of the ban, and was ordered to pay £85 costs.

A 16-year-old boy also pleaded guilty in connection with the raid, and was sent to a referral unit for three months. The boy must pay £50 court costs and was also banned from keeping a dog for the next two years.

Sergeant Michael How, of Preston Safer Neighbourhood Team, which carried out the raid in January with the Brent Police dog unit BARK, welcomed the sentences.

He said: "This is a perfect example of the community being confident in giving their local police information regarding criminal activity.

“By obtaining a successful conviction at court we have demonstrated our commitment to the community by removing a banned breed from the streets of Brent and our intention of dealing with those who wish to break the law through robust measures that are supported by the court process."

The Harrow Times is supporting a current Home Office consultation on the laws surrounding dangerous dogs, and is calling for tougher punishments for those caught flouting the law.

The consultation has been sparked by an alarming rise in the number of so-called weapon or status dogs on British streets, and the increasing number of victims of dog attacks.

The Harrow Times wants to see firmer punishments for those who violate the dangerous dogs laws, action to tackle irresponsible ownership, an end to the use of dogs as weapons, and an end to the cruelty towards these dogs.

We want to hear from our readers on this issue.

You contact us at dangerousdogs@london.newsquest.co.uk to tell us your thoughts on the current legislation, and what you think could be done.