PLANS to extend a Tesco supermarket in Harrow were given the go ahead despite fierce opposition from people living close to the site.

The store in Station Road will have a two story extension at the front and rear, an additional car park, a new four story building and 14 flats will also be built.

Having spoken to residents concerned about design, traffic and parking issues, Councillor Ben Wealthy pleaded with last night’s Planning Committee to reject the scheme.

He said: “The physical impact of the development and the additional traffic will have an adverse impact on the amenity of surrounding properties and the wider residential area, which will impact on the quality of life for residents in my ward.

“There are significant risks stemming from this development, such as undermining the economic viability of Harrow Town Centre and potentially other shopping districts like Wealdstone.

“Finally, it will have a negative impact on the character and appearance of the area because the design is totally out of keeping with the character of Hindes Road.”

Buckingham College School in Hindes Road had objected to the development on the grounds that its size and increased noise and traffic would have an adverse impact on the school.

The council also received 28 formal objections and two petitions with around 240 signatures from people opposing the development. Despite this opposition, it was given the go ahead last night.