A DOG found abandoned in Cornwall won an award at the Roxeth Show.

Harrow Times reader Carol Smith entered her dalmation Daisy into several categories of Sunday's Fun Dog Show and the canine came out on top in Best Rescue Dog, as well as scooping runner up in Best in Show.

Daisy was found in a field in Cornwall with 48 other dalmatians living in poor conditions.

Ms Smith said: “The dogs were kept outside with very little food and shelter and hardly any human contact.

“They were breeding indiscriminately and although Daisy was estimated to be only about 18 months old when she was rescued she had already had several litters of puppies.”

Ms Smith picked her up from Harefield Dogs Trust in 2008 and gave her the love and affection needed to repair her traumatic early years.

She said: “Daisy is deaf and when we met her she was very frightened of people, thin and had never been in a house before. “In fact when she eventually plucked up courage to come into our house for the first time, the first thing she did was to stand on the dining room table.

“This was only one of the many challenges we have faced with her, but she has made a great deal of progress and now knows around 20 hand signals.

“We are able to let her off the lead in safe areas and her recall is no worse than any of the dogs we meet. She loves meeting people and dogs, and her enthusiasm for life is infectious.”