A father and son writing team have been celebrating their fundraising efforts with an autism charity.

Lewis Owens and his ten-year-old son, Daniil, have produced a number of books together, chronicling the adventures of a character named ‘Archie’.

Sales of the books have been split between a number of charities including the Centre for ADHD and Autism Support (CAAS), which serves Harrow.

The pair have always enjoyed doing things together, particularly bold fundraising challenges, and were delighted to hand over a cheque worth more than £1,100.

“We did the London Tube Challenge in just under 20 hours and we thought, why not turn our experience into a book for a bit of fun,” Lewis explained.

“We had a great time doing it and have since done another about Iceland and there’s a third book in the pipeline.

“Daniil keeps telling me off for all sorts of things when we’re working on them but we love making mysteries for Archie to solve – it’s really nice to share it together.”

Their exploits have attracted attention across a number of platforms, including at Daniil’s school, Coteford, and they continue to raise money for various children’s charities close to their hearts.

Lynne Laverty, director of autism services at CAAS, explained how the money will go a long way to helping people in Harrow who require support.

She noted how Lewis has been an enthusiastic volunteer at the charity in the past and that it has been “very lucky” to have his, and his son’s, support.