A joint initiative from the council and the police is making sure people have safer, and more enjoyable, nights out over the weekend.

The ‘Safe Haven’ pilot scheme by Harrow Council, Harrow Business Improvement District and Harrow Police gives people the knowledge that they have somewhere to go if they need to on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Those working at the space in Harrow Town Centre provide advice on staying safe during the night, as well as refreshments such as water, and tea and coffee provided by McDonald's.

There is also an option for taxis to be booked and flip-flops are available to ensure that nobody is walking around bare-footed or in uncomfortable shoes.

Helen Mannion, of Harrow Council, said: “It gives people that sense of security and they know that there is support out there if they need it.

“People often feel safer about the area and it will hopefully deter some of the issues that can happen on nights out.”

The scheme is being run as a trial over three weekends, ending in mid-September. It will then be reviewed, with talk of the project returning over the Christmas period.

During the first Safe Haven weekend on September 2-3, nearby police officers arrested one person for assault while paramedics swiftly attended to the victim.

Safe Haven runs between 10pm and 3am on Friday and Saturday nights up to and inclusive of September 16.