Three men have been jailed after a student was stabbed after giving them a "dirty look".

Djodjo Nsaka, 19, who studied at Middlesex University's Wembley campus, was walking with two friends when they were attacked in Fulton Road by Ali Tas, Mukeh Jospeh Kawa and Donald Davies.

Tas punched one of the victims in the face and Djodjo was stabbed before the attackers drove away.

Witnesses saw Djodjo collapse at the scene and emergency services were called to his aid.

The doctors did their best to resuscitate him but could not save him and he was pronounced dead at 1.54am.

Kawa, of Lancaster Close, Colindale, and Davies, of Martlesham Walk, Colindale, were convicted of murder and Tas, of Eagle Drive, Colindale, was acquitted of murder but convicted of manslaughter.

Kawa and Davies were both sentenced to life imprisonment, to serve a minimum of 26 years, while Tas was jailed for seven-and-a-half years.

The court heard how, the day before the stabbing, Kawa had glared at Djodjo and two of his friends as he walked past them.

One of the group then approached a girl who knew Kawa and told her to tell him that he “should be humble”.

Kawa, Davies and Tas then drove to the Unite Halls of Residence, in Rutherford Way, looking for Djodjo and his friends.

After being expelled from the halls, they came across the victims on Fulton Road where the attack took place.

Detective Sergeant Gary Morris, of the Homicide and Major Crime Command, said: “It is incredible to me that a young man could lose his life over a dispute that began with a dirty look.

“Djodjo was a student with a bright future in front of him; instead it was stolen from him for the most trivial of reasons.

“Moments of wholly unjustifiable rage and senseless violence have left a young man dead, a family bereft and struggling to come to terms with their loss.

“When anyone considers carrying a knife they might want to think about the possible consequences, a life lost, families devastated and the years the perpetrators will spend in prison.”

In a statement, Djodjo's father, Tuna Nsaka, added: “I miss Djodjo more than I could ever have thought possible and his death has left an enormous void in our lives.

“Every day I get up with a heavy heart and look into the faces of my wife and children and watch as they struggle to get through life without their beloved Djodjo.

“Every day I do my best to support them and reassure them and think it will hurt less, it will be easier tomorrow for all of us - but it isn't.”