The same cladding on Grenfell Tower is on a Barnet block of flats and businesses, it has been revealed.

East Sussex company Harley Façade Ltd and its main contractor, Rydon, completed work on commercial building Merit House, Edgware Road between 2013 and 2015, adding the same waterproof cladding that wrapped Grenfell Tower.

The tower in north Kensington went up in flames on Tuesday night when a faulty fridge caught fire, with 17 people confirmed dead so far and many more are injured in hospital.

News outlets have reported the waterproof cladding, reynobond aluminium coated panels with a flammable plastic core, or PE, is banned in American buildings taller than 12.2m for fire safety reasons and is rated as “flammable” in Germany, but conforms to British regulations.

A spokesperson for Harley Façade Ltd did not comment on this, however did say that the company will be fully involved in any upcoming investigations into the cladding.

On the question of whether other buildings’ cladding would be looked into following the Grenfell Tower fire, the spokesperson said: “It is unknown at the moment and that is not really a decision for us because what was installed was compliant – it would be an industry-wide legislative issue.”

Labour councillors in Barnet have called on the council to do a fire safety inspection of all blocks in the borough off the back of the fire.

Cllr Ross Houston said: "Under current law all new residential blocks over 30m high must have sprinkler systems fitted. I have asked Barnet Homes to confirm the situation with their high rise blocks.

"I know that they carried out a comprehensive fire risk assessment following the Lakanal House fire in 2009, but we must review fire safety arrangements now to be absolutely sure they are robust."

A six-block estate in Westminster, Little Venice, along with blocks in Battersea, Camden and Hounslow were also fitted with this cladding over the past few years.

Harrow Council confirmed that despite some reports to the contrary, no blocks in the borough have this cladding.

Barnet Homes have committed to inspecting cladding on their tower blocks.

A Barnet Council spokesperson said: “First and foremost, Barnet Council would like to extend our thoughts and sincere condolences to those affected by this week’s tragic event in West London.

“The London Fire Brigade have yet to confirm what caused the fire at Grenfell Tower to spread so quickly. 

"However, in light of suggestions that the building’s external cladding played a significant role, our Planning and Building Control Teams are undertaking an urgent review of the information we hold about in properties in the borough with cladding systems, to identify potential risks.

"A preliminary report will be presented to the Council’s Housing Committee on Monday, 26 June.

“We will also be asking our main Housing Association Partners, including all those with tall buildings in the borough, for reassurances about their fire risk assessments.”