Residents have spoken of their concern that "crucial" bus routes through Harrow and Stanmore could be axed.

Hertfordshire County Council is considering slashing £390,000 of bus funding this year, which would affect four services in the borough.

The routes which could be hit are the 142 from Watford to Brent Cross, which goes from Stanmore Broadway to Edgware, the 292 from Borehamwood to Colindale, which goes through Edgware to Canons Corner, the 107 from Edgware to New Barnet and the 258 from Watford Junction to South Harrow.

Jonathan Smith, who regularly uses the 258 to get to work in Watford, said: "I am upset about the news that certain buses in Harrow and Stanmore could face the chop.

"Working in Watford, I regularly use the 258 route and enjoy the journey between Harrow and my working destination.

"I also from time to time enjoy the 258 journey around the Harrow area as some of the locations are very picturesque.

"It would be a great shame and inconvenience to cancel this route for myself and a great many people."

Lawson Sealy said his family had planned to move to Watford but without the routes his daughters would not be able to get to their school in Wealdstone.

He said: "This could affect my family as we live in Harrow Weald now but hope to buy our first house in March.

"We are looking in Watford because we want to leave London but both our daughters are in high school in Wealdstone, we planned for them to get one bus to and from school (258) so that we don't have to change their school.

"If there is no bus to get from Watford to Harrow it will cause big disruption if we have to change their school."

Maureen Sparshott, whose grandson travels from Watford to Harrow Weald for college, said: "There is no direct train link between Watford and Harrow Weald/Stanmore, therefore the two buses 258 and 142 are crucial for accessing these areas.

"My grandson, who has learning difficulties, attends the Harrow Weald College in Brookshill and uses the 258 bus.

"He does not drive - nor does his mother - so he would have a long walk to Watford High Street Station,then a train journey to Harrow & Wealdstone Station, then a long bus ride to Harrow Weald. Then a return journey."

The Barnet Transport Users Association expressed concern for patients of the National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore.

The association's Jack Welby said the closure of the services would cause "total disruption".

He said: "If these services are not running it will cause total disruption of all routes around Edgware and people will not be able to reach their destinations including the National Orthopaedic Hospital in Stanmore, whose staff and patient's rely on getting to the hospital, and it will cause people to have longer journeys."