A young politician is calling on teenagers across the borough to register to vote so they can have their say.

Harrow Borough Council, with the support of Harrow Youth Parliament, is encouraging people from the age of 16 to 24 to register to vote as a new online registration system is introduced across the UK.

Member of UK Youth Parliament for Harrow and executive member of Harrow Youth Parliament, Zak Wagman has been leading the calls for people to sign up.

He said said: “We welcome this new system which now makes it easier to register to vote and we encourage all young people ages 16 and above to register now so that they don’t miss out on casting their votes.

“Voting is such an important thing, as it really does control our own futures. In some countries, people die fighting for a vote, and here we have our vote, and so voting has to be the honourable, important thing.

“We know that young people in Harrow want to vote and have their voices heard, which was proven at this year’s Youth Parliament elections where we had the highest voter turnout we’ve had to date.

“Now we need to get everyone to register their interest and put their voices onto a national scale.”

Comparing figures from the last general election, Britain has one of the widest gaps in voter turnout between younger and older people in Europe.

Only 44 per cent of 18 to 24 year olds voted in the last election compared to 76 per cent over the age of 65.

Under the new system everyone intending to vote must register individually rather than by household, as with the old system.

Those interested in voting can do so by clicking here.