Results of a consultation on reinstating Harrow Borough Council's chief executive role have come back in favour of the change.

Last month the council's Labour administration launched the survey of 5,000 people including council staff, councillors, union members and local authority school staff on the proposals.

Just 384 responded, but two thirds were in favour or reappointing a chief executive.

Harrow Council’s cabinet will now consider the results of the consultation before putting a recommendation forward at September’s cabinet meeting.

In November last year, the Conservative administration scrapped the position to reduce costs, resulting in the then chief executive Michael Lockwood leaving his job with a payoff of £168,000.

Leader of the council Councillor David Perry said: “I have always maintained that the deletion of the CEO post was done with the minimum consultation possible.

“Staff were not allowed any say - we have put that right by actually asking our employees and elected representatives what they think.

“This consultation is about having the right kind of management structure to oversee the huge challenges facing Harrow Council, particularly the need to slash £75 million from our budget due to Government cuts.

“Over the coming few weeks we will consider the best route forward before putting a recommendation to next month’s cabinet meeting.”

In the feedback of the consultation, one respondent said: “Just as we have a leader of the council who represents the community, we need a chief executive who would represent the organisation."

Before it was scrapped, the chief executive position had an annual salary of £183,097, and Conservative group said removing the role would save the council up to £1.2million over four years.

Last month the Harrow Times gave the leaders of the two main political parties at the council to have their say on the role of chief executive.

Conservative leader Susan Hall’s comments can be read here and Leader for the council David Perry’s view can be read here.

And earlier this month the Harrow Times ran and online poll of reader’s on the issue with 66 per cent of respondents against the role coming back to the council while 27 per cent in favour of the idea.