A third of workers in the borough are low paid leading to calls for employers to pay a living wage.

Figures from the charity Trust for London shows Harrow has the highest proportions of low paid jobs at 33 per cent, which is joint highest in London with the borough of Bexley.

The research suggested that one in five jobs across the whole of the capital are now low paid, with 27 per cent in the retail and warehouse sector.

Mubin Haq from Trust for London, said: "There is lots of talk of an economic recovery and of course that is welcome news. But we need to look at more than GDP and employment figures.

"The true measure of a recovery should be what it means for those nearest the bottom.

"These new figures suggest that for many poorer Londoners, working hard is not lifting them out of poverty.

“This can and must change. Employers can do a number of things to help, such as redesigning jobs so workers have more responsibility, enabling greater productivity and allowing for increases in pay.

“Moreover, many employers can afford to pay at least a Living Wage of £8.80 an hour – by doing so they can reap the associated business benefits such as increased loyalty and lower staff leaving rates.”