An 11-year-old girl claims her road has been neglected after work to improve surrounding streets by Harrow Borough Council.

Jobinaa Arulvannan wrote to the Harrow Times complaining about the state of the road surface in Tintern Way, West Harrow.

During the past two months neighbouring Welbeck Road has been resurfaced and people living in Tintern Way hoped it would mean their road was next.

Ms Arulvannan said: “In the last few weeks there were men fixing the roads and pavements, we all had a ray of hope that Harrow Council had decided to fix our road.

“We were wrong and nothing happened.”

Her father Mahaeevan said: “We were shocked really that nothing was done to our road. We have lived here for eight years but nothing has been done.

“Jobbinaa loves where she lives and she said she wanted to do something about it.”

Others who live in the road are also annoyed nothing has been done to resurface the road.

Jill Sloley said: “People in this road feel like it has been forgotten about. Other roads near us have been resurfaced but we have been missed again."

Paul Pelligrini, who also lives in the street, said: “It’s horrendous really. It is something a lot of people down this road are angry about.

“And it’s not just the road that is a problem. The pavement is so uneven and it needs to be sorted.”

Fellow neighbour Marian Moon said: “We saw Welbeck Road was being resurfaced and we thought we were next but nothing’s happened.

“This road always seems to get missed out and it’s just not fair.”

The road is regularly used by parents of children at the nearby Grange Primary School, at the beginning and end of the school day.

A spokeswoman for Harrow Borough Council said: “Tintern Way is on our planned maintenance list for repairs to both footways and carriageways.

“At the moment we have some high priority works that need to be carried out first. Tintern Way is on our to-do list and we ask residents to bear with us while we get around to do this.”