Disagreements over the running of a mosque have led to a campaign calling for change.

A group called Friends of Harrow Central Mosque started the campaign entitled ‘Save your Masjid’ in opposition to the current committee running Harrow Central Mosque (HCM).

The group says it is concerned about the inclusive nature of the mosque, the transparency of decisions made and what members say is the lack of public engagement from the committee.

However the trustees of the mosque say the group is carrying out a “political campaign”.

In a statement, Friends of Harrow Central Mosque said: “Harrow Central Mosque and Masood Islamic Centre is not a preserve for a few.

“It is a responsibility on the whole community to entrust the running of their affairs and centres to those who are experienced, capable and humble.”

It went on: “The future of current and future generations to come is directly linked to the ability of HCM to be able to address the needs of our community in every sense of the word.

“Unless we revert to our vision of the community and entrust the responsibility of running our centres to those who are a unifying force and able to galvanise the energies of our elderly and young, brothers and sisters, we will be failing in our duty to thank Allah (SWT) for the beautiful centre we've been blessed with.”

In response, Rizwan Mirza, general secretary at Harrow Central Mosque said: “We are here for the community as a whole and we do not want to let our mosque become a platform for others to come in and speak about whatever they want.

“The congregation in Harrow is very supportive of our stance. There is a definite political nature to this campaign.”

In a statement, the executive committee of Harrow Mosque said: “We encourage you, the community, not to be misled by such political campaigns.

“To those responsible, follow the advice of our Beloved Prophet (SAW), avoid disputation and find noble ways for change and improvement.

“We should not use the masjid as a platform for politics and to create disharmony.”

They added: “Let us come together as a community, stand against such attempts at causing disunity and defend our community from mischief.”