School pupils have given their support to an international campaign to make sure children around the work get an education.

Schoolchildren from Kingsbury High School have their support to the Send All My Friends to School campaign.

As part of this year’s appeal pupils around the country aim to highlight to world leaders that children with disabilities are the ones missing out most on their right to an education.

Last week Year 7 pupils were shown videos of Send My Friend to School’s national campaign video, which starred Kingsbury High School and The Village School pupils.

At the end of the day pupils gathered in the school playground to spell out the word 'teach'.

Teacher Sarah Purtill said: “Students had the chance to reflect on how important education is and how many doors are open to them with an education.

“Seeing our students becoming passionate global citizens is a real inspiration, watching them become engaged and empowered acts as a reminder that we can work together to ensure that one day every child will have access to primary education.”

Kingsbury High School has been supporting the international education campaign for the last eight years.

In 2000 world leaders agreed the target of having universal primary education by 2015, but according to the campaign with only a year to go 57 million children still out of school.