Gareth Thomas MP raises the issue of NHS funding and capacity at Northwick Park Hospital (MP raises concerns over lack of cash for hospital, Harrow Times, June 19).

Like most people in Harrow, I believe that the NHS is a precious national resource and that we must fight to ensure that it is properly funded and to make sure that it continues to deliver a world-class health service.

In a time of austerity, brought about by Labour’s great recession, the Conservative-led government has ring-fenced the NHS budget, protecting it from the cuts faced by other departments. Indeed, the Government has increased NHS spending by £12.7billion during this Parliament —a real-terms increase. This means that services at hospitals such as Northwick Park have been protected and continue to grow to meet demand.

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It is under the Conservative-led government that we are finally seeing some improvements in the facilities at Northwick Park.

As you reported last week, a new £21 million emergency department is due to open there later this year.

This is in stark contrast to Labour’s record on Northwick Park. Prior to the 2005 General Election, Mr Thomas claimed that he had secured £300m to redevelop Northwick Park Hospital.

This is a promise on which, during five more years in government, the Labour Party failed to deliver.

I’m sure the people of Harrow would like to know what happened to their new hospital.

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The fact of the matter is that at a time when the public finances have been decimated by the disastrous decisions made by the previous Labour government, the Conservatives in government have fought hard to protect the NHS.

Hannah David

Conservative Parliamentary candidate for Harrow West