Harrow Borough Council has pledged to build more affordable homes in the borough following reports that working families are being priced out of the area.

The Harrow Times reported yesterday that just three homes in the whole of the borough are affordable for a working family, according to new research from housing charity, Shelter.

Shelter looked at the asking prices for thousands of properties across the capital and compared them to the mortgage average families could afford.

The results showed that nearly 99 per cent of Harrow’s homes are unaffordable to unaffordable for the average working family looking to buy their first home.

But Councillor Glen Hearnden, Harrow Council’s portfolio holder for housing, said the council is prepared to take action and tackle the problem.

He said: “We have ambitious plans to build affordable new homes in Harrow. The council is also taking forward regeneration plans to rebuild our housing stock most in need of repair and replace it with more new homes available for rent, low cost sale and market sale.

“At the same time we are proactively working with developers and housing associations to bring forward new housing to meet a range of housing needs, with families and those in need firmly in mind.

“Harrow, like other London boroughs, is facing a housing crisis. Our proposals are a sensible way of ensuring those most in need get help, and that residents in Harrow can live in good quality and affordable houses.”