A family raising money for possibly life saving treatment for their son say they can’t thank people enough.

So far, more than £22,000 has been donated to an online campaign to secure treatment in Germany for Rione Holder, of Harrow Weald.

He was diagnosed with Wilm’s disease, a form of kidney cancer, which has progressed to his lungs.

His aunt Scian Johnson, who set up the appeal page, said: “We are just so so thankful to everyone for their generosity.

“People have been so kind and even from those who have donated just a pound it means so much. It shows even though they don’t have much they still want to help.

“We just can’t thank people enough.”

The campaign aimed to raise £10,000 to secure treatment, which his family have been told could be his last chance.

More than 850 people have donated to young Rione’s cause and the family were due to fly out to Germany today for the procedure with Dr Thomas Vogl at the Goethe University Hospital in Frankfurt.

One message left on the donation page from Grace said: “Dear Rione, hoping and praying for you to make a full recovery. You have been an extremely brave boy keep going.”

Another from Darren Brooker said: “Thinking of you Rione and sending lots of love and good wishes to you and your family.”

The treatment, which is not available in the England, is called trans arterial chemo embolisation, which involves identifying the blood supply to the tumour and cutting it off chemically.

Rione was treated at the Royal Marsden and Great Ormond Street hospitals, but earlier this month his family were told nothing more can be done and he may only have weeks to live.

Since the Harrow Times featured the story on Wednesday last week contributions to the campaign have flooded in, with one anonymous donor giving £1,000.

People are able to see the latest total for the campaign by clicking here.