Neighbours and parents have called for a school's expansion proposals to be put on hold.

Harrow Borough Council’s planning committee is due to decide tomorrow whether grant permission to building proposals to expand St John Fisher Catholic Primary School, in Pinner.

The school is one of eight to increase in size as part of the second phase of the council’s school expansion programme to create thousands of school places.

However people living near the school are concerned about as there is only a small increase in parking at the school, despite the need new members of staffs.

Parents also say roads leading to the school are unsuitable for the proposed level of traffic and parking and there just isn’t the local demand for Catholic school places.

Neighbours have also carried out a survey of parents and people living near the school and found 151 people were against the proposals, and hope the council will defer the planning decision on Wednesday.

Andrew Keen, who lives in Kingsley Road, said: “When we were talking to neighbours about the proposal they told us it wasn’t worth objecting, because the consultation was just a formality and the plans would be approved anyway.

“We’d hoped to prove them wrong, but it seems they were right. If 151 people opposing wasn’t enough, what would have been?

“We do not have a problem with the school at all, but what we do have problems with is the way the local authority has put together this planning application.

“Parents are also concerned about the application because they are unsure about what the future holds for school if it is expanded.”

The decision to expand St John Fisher and 11 other schools was agreed by Harrow Council’s cabinet in March this year.

Council cabinet member for schools Simon Brown said: “St John Fisher is a key part of the school expansion programme that will bring much-needed extra places to Harrow.

“This is a one-off opportunity to use government money to avoid overcrowding for years to come.

“Feedback from our two well-attended public events at St John Fisher resulted in eight major improvements to building and parking plans at the school, and seven separate measures to improve road safety and traffic flow.

“We will be very happy to keep on meeting with residents and parents to address their concerns in the future.”

Headteacher Anne Lyons says the school has new initiates to help reduce traffic such as permits for parents to park for free in Cambridge Road car park during pickup and drop-off times.