Midsummer’s Eve: a night typically associated with magic and wonder, which perhaps explains the Hillingdon Philharmonic Orchestra’s gusto in arranging a spectacular send-up of all things midsummer in their special concert Saturday Night is Music Night.

Inevitabley A Midsummer Night’s Dream music suite will feature, borrowed from Mendelssohn’s score, as will Massanet’s contemplative Meditation from Thais. But there will also be room for family favourites such as a medley of ABBA songs, and even music from Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl.

In short, Hillingdon’s Philharmonic Orchestra is ringing in the summer with a bang.

The compilation of crowd-pleasers will be complemented by an unusual choice of setting – that of the Great Barn in Manor Farm, Ruislip, a remnant of the 13th Century, which organisers hope will drive home the magical feeling pervading the air on midsummer’s day.

The Barn is believed to have been built around 1280, and the showcase of some literal Desert island Discs appears certain to enchant adults and children alike.

The concert, taking place in the Great Barn next week, is something of a coup for the Philharmonic Orchestra, as the venue is more frequently used for wedding ceremonies.

Saturday Night is Music Night will mark the orchestra’s first performance in such a setting, though the musicians are unlikely to be phased: after all, these are the same people who have performed in Southwark Cathedral and the Queen Elizabeth Hall.

Bring the whole family for an evening of flight and fancy, and keep an ear out for some old classics which will kindle a feeling of awe in even the most disenchanted individual.

Saturday Night is Music Night will be at The Great Barn, Manor Farm, Bury Street, Ruislip, on Saturday, June 21 at 7.30pm. Details: hillingdonphil.btck.co.uk