Travellers have moved on from a park following council and police action.

The group of more than a dozen caravans arrived on Queensbury Park, in Honeypot Lane yesterday.

Two arrests were made when officers from Harrow police and Harrow Borough Council attended the site yesterday after being called at 2.30pm.

One was for making off without payment of fuel and another for being in possession of a false driving licence.

Visiting the site this morning, the Harrow Times found only one caravan left, and rubbish strewn around the edges of the park.

Leader of the council Councillor Susan Hall said: "Thanks to the swift action of our incredible council officers and fantastic police, I'm pleased to say that all but one of the caravans have already vacated the park.

"I sincerely hope that the incoming Labour administration will be equally as robust, and supportive of borough commander Simon Ovens and his local Police force and the council's frontline staff."