Eight people were arrested as part of a London-wide operation to prevent cross border crime in the borough.

A total of 35 Harrow police officers took part in Operation Lockdown last week which included the use of automatic number plate recognition technology to identify vehicles driven by suspected criminals.

One of those arrested was suspected burglar who is believed to have been involved in break-ins in the counties and London, who was found in possession of 20 wraps of Class A drugs when stopped by police.

Three people were arrested for handling stolen goods, another for possession of Class A drugs and one for breach of an anti-social behaviour order.

Chief Inspector Gary Warby said: "We are determined to disrupt criminals who use the road network to commit crime.

"Operations like this ensure that we can stop and effectively disrupt these individuals and prevent their movement across Harrow and into neighbouring boroughs and counties.

"Last week's operation showed how this can work to catch offenders and make our communities safer."