A disabled man says he fears for his health as he waits for essential maintenance to his flat.

Abdul Bahmanyar, 62, of College Hill Road, has lived in his council flat since 2002 and was told by Harrow Borough Council in February he would have work done on his home.

Repairs are needed to his ground floor flat due to water damage from the flat above, which has caused damage to his rooms, with wallpaper coming off the walls and cracks in the plaster.

The retired dental surgeon has also had five lung infections in the past year and his doctor has written a letter raising concerns his housing condition is contributing to his ill health.

Mr Bahmanyar, who has severe arthritis, said: “I just feel I am not being treated fairly. I don’t feel safe or secure in this flat and it is very worrying.

“The job should have been completed but it is just making me ill and miserable. If everything was sorted I would be able to look after myself but I just can’t do that properly at the moment.”

Mr Bahmanyar was told by the council his kitchen and bathroom would be renovated, the flat would be replastered, a new boiler would be installed and a new front door would be fitted.

So far only a boiler has been installed.

His former wife and friend Zahra Nadei, 57, said: “It is just not right the way he has been left.

“Our children and I are very worried about him because you cannot just leave someone with a disability like this. He needs support but he is not getting it.”

A spokeswoman for Harrow Council said: “We have inspected Mr Bahmanyar’s flat following a leak upstairs and found there is no damp or any structural problems. There is however some decorative damage to the ceiling.

“While the rest of the flat is also in poor decorative state we would point out it is the responsibility of the tenant to decorate their own properties, and we do encourage tenants to take up home contents insurance to help with this sort of problem.

“However, we will provide Mr Bahmanyar with contact details of any voluntary organisations who can assist him with redecoration if he is unable to do it himself."

They added the work due to be carried out is part of an improvement scheme for council properties across the borough which will be done as soon as possible.