The leader of the Independent Labour Group says his party will be back - even after none of its candidates won a seat in the council elections.

The new party did not win any seats in last week's election and did not dent the Labour group’s vote enough to prevent it from taking back the council.

The breakaway group was formed by disaffected councillors after Cllr David Perry took leadership of Harrow Borough Council's Labour group from Cllr Thaya Idaikkadar last May.

Cllr Idaikkadar, who lost his seat along with seven others from his group, said: “I am very proud of our group and party for what we have achieved in the election.

“A lot of our candidates have very little experience in elections and we didn’t have the manpower of the other parties.

“We came third overall with eight per cent of the vote from across the borough, so I can hold my head up high.

“We have achieved in less than a year what it has taken other parties more than 20 to achieve.

“The important thing for people to know is that we are not going anywhere. We will be back and we will keep fighting for the people of Harrow.

“At the moment we are looking into fielding a candidate at next year’s parliamentary elections.

“You do not have to be a councillor to serve the community but I will miss working in the council for the whole of Harrow.”

The ILG members were not the only big scalps on the night, with the Conservative group losing high profile councillors on the day.

These included former Harrow on the Hill councillor and cabinet member for health Simon Williams and Anthony Seymour, who lost his seat in Headstone North.

The Lib Dems held on to their only seat with Councillor Chris Noyce in Rayners Lane, but failed to take any other in the borough.

UKIP also failed to win any seat on the council. Its only councillor Stanley Sheinwald, who defected to the party last year, lost his seat in Hatch End.

Overall, Labour won 34 seats to the Conservative group's 26, with independents winning two and Lib Dems retaining their single seat.