Counting is underway for the Harrow local election count and party members have been given their views on the day.

The Harrow Times has spoken to leaders and campaign managers of the parties during the build up to the first results.

Leader of the Conservative group Susan Hall said: “It is just too close to call at the moment. But I know our group as done all it can to win a majority.

“I think the past eight months have show what strong leadership and focus can achieve to bring value for money for the people of Harrow and stability to the council.”

Leader of the Labour Party David Perry said: “Our party is feeling very confident about today. We have worked and campaigned hard for this election for the last six months.

“You never like to predict an election but we are feeling confident about today and that we have done all we can.”

Campaign manager for Independent Labour Will Stoodley said: “The election has been great fun for his group and they have received good support from the door step.

“I think we will come third in a lot of the wards we are in and I think for a new part that will be a fantastic result.”

All 63 seats on Harrow Borough Council have been fought over in the 2014 election, with a party needing 32 to gain control of the authority.