The everyday heroism of people with spinal cord injuries is the subject of a photographic exhibition.

The collection, entitled The Reluctant Heroes, went on display at the Aspire National Training Centre, in Wood Lane, Stanmore, as part of Spinal Cord Injury Awareness Day.

The display was put together by Dr Anthony Papathomas as part of a three-year research programme by Loughborough University.

Fifteen people with spinal cord injuries were each given a camera to document the physical activities they take part in day to day.

The exhibition was opened by former GB Paralympian Andy Barrow who was injured when he was 17.

He said: “The message I give to other people with spinal cord injuries is that less of us works properly, and we have to make sure the parts of us that do work, work well.

“That is why places like Aspire are so important to help people keep active so after their injury they can live a life.

“Being active has a huge effect and looking at these pictures I can see all these people feel better after being active and that is what is so powerful about this exhibition.”

Dr Papathomas said: “The exhibition is a way to show what day to day life is like from the perspective of someone who has a spinal cord injury.”

The Wood Lane headquarters has a wheelchair accessible pool, sports hall and gym to help provide physical rehabilitation for users from across the country.