A builder caught on camera dumping construction waste behind shops has been fined and ordered to clear up the mess he made.

Laszlo Nagyvardi, aged 52, of Clayton Road, Hayes, was caught red-handed dumping waste in an area behind shops in Alexandra Avenue, in Rayners Lane in August last year.

Harrow Borough Council officers were able to trace Nagyvardi and during an interview he admitted dumping the waste, claiming he did not know he could take the waste to a recycling centre.

The council’s environmental services manager Richard Le-Brun said: “This case illustrates two things – first, the value of CCTV in keeping our streets clean, and the second that we can and will track down people who think they can dump rubbish with impunity.

“Mr Nagyvardi claimed he did not know he could take these items to the waste site and dispose of them properly. He certainly knows that now.”

At Willesden magistrates court he pleaded guilty to two fly tipping offences and one count of failure to produce a licence to transport controlled waste.