A charity shop helped raise awareness of Fairtrade as part of an international day of action.

Volunteers from Oxfam in Pinner ran the two stalls in St Anns Road, Harrow, on Saturday to mark World Fairtrade Day.

At the two stalls sold Fairtrade products including tea, coffee, oils and chocolate to raise money for the charity.

Giuseppe Marasco of Oxfam Pinner said: "Oxfam Pinner hugely enjoyed bringing World Fairtrade Day to Harrow.

“Twenty volunteers across the Fairtrade network helped the day happen. It was a lot fun getting the public of Harrow to try new products from countries Oxfam works in.”

Oxfam Pinner shop manager Nada Whincop said: "Our presence on Harrow's concourse brought Pinner shop two dozen possible new volunteers and six possible new donors."