The animals went in two by two to celebrate the second anniversary of a charity shop with a difference.

Found, set up two years ago to raise money to support community causes, hosted the Noah’s Ark-themed event in Shaftesbury Parade today.

Shop manager Teresa Davonport, who dressed as a monkey for the occasion, said: “Our aim is to help people locally in whatever way we can.

"We host events  but we’re also people’s first port of call if they need help to access services such as debt counselling, food banks or homeless shelters.

“We bridge the gap between other services out there, and today is all about celebrating that. Everyone’s having a lot of fun and there’s such a great community atmosphere.”

Children joined in the fun by dressing as their favourite animals while others enjoyed tea and cake as well as a quiz.

Peter Carlson, who helps out at the shop, said: “I turned up here one day when I was going through a bit of a bad time in my life. Ever since then I’ve been involved in the shop and it’s been amazing.

“I built the library at the back where people can sit – it’s just such a great place to be and everyone’s friends here.

“It’s more than a charity shop – it’s a community base.”