Power at Harrow Civic Centre may soon change hands again as voters head to the polls to decide who will run the borough.

The London local elections will take place on Thursday May 22 and all 63 seats in Harrow’s 21 wards will be fought.

The council is currently made up of 25 from the Conservative group, 25 from Labour and eight from Independent Labour.

There is one councillor representing the Liberal Democrats, one UKIP member, and three independent councillors.

At the last election in 2010 Harrow Labour were given control of the council with 34 seats to the Conservative’s 27.

However that all changed in May last year when nine members of the Labour group broke away to form the Independent Labour Group.

Members of the newly formed group - including council leader Councillor Thaya Idaikkadar - split from the Labour Party after Cllr Idaikkadar was voted out as Labour leader in a surprise challenge.

Cllr Idaikkadar then dissolved the council's cabinet and appointed members of the group to portfolio positions, with the support of the Harrow Conservative group.

The Independent Labour group remained in control of the council for four months, but in September 2013, leader of the Conservative group Cllr Susan Hall announced a vote of no confidence in leader Thaya Idaikkadar, forcing a vote for the leadership of the council.

In a fiery full council meeting Cllr Hall was voted in as leader with the support of the Independent Labour Group, giving control of the authority to the Conservatives, who remain in control.

That may change again in May, but in order to gain full control of the council, a party must win 32 seats out of the 63 available.

For the election later this month the three main political parties will be fielding candidates as well as Independent Labour, Ukip and The Greens with six independent candidates also running.