A gardener is on mission to make a village pretty again by planting new flower beds.

Allotment holder Ted Bamford, 87, is on a mission to bring flowers back to the centre of Pinner and is planting new beds with the help of nearby businesses.

The three areas of Bridge Street Gardens, at the corner of Bridge Street and Marsh Road in Pinner have been given a new lease of life during the spring.

Mr Bamford, of Cannons Lane, said: “When my wife and I first moved to Pinner 50 years ago, Pinner was such a lovely place and the gardens were lovely.

“But over the years it’s just been left to itself and looks a bit shabby. The area needs a bit of a lift and I just want to make Pinner pretty again.

“I'm doing for the whole village and I hope it will mean more people will come and visit and enjoy Pinner.

“I think it is important for people to take pride in where they live and I just want to give something back.”

During the past few months Mr Bamford has also been going to businesses to get support for the new flower beds and has also got support from horticultural group Harrow in Leaf.

The shop Yummy Home is one of the businesses that has given him their backing and arranged for more flower pots to be installed in the village.

Amina Sadiq from the shop said: “I think it is really sweet what Ted is doing for Pinner. The area around the end of the High Street has needed a bit of attention and I think the flower beds will really make a difference.

“It is great Ted is taking pride in his area and I think it would be great if more people tried to give something back.”